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Tour Features

Tirana Free Walking Tour

Have you been thinking about exploring the Albanian capital? The best way to grasp all that Tirana has to offer is by strolling around the city. That is why Elite Travel Albania will start offering a FREE walking tour in Tirana. It will be a two-hour tour starting from the ETA office in Tirana and young, English-speaking local guides will be your companions.
Prepare to discover the history, art, and lifestyle of Tirana, and enjoy our high-quality service.

What will you visit?

Tirana is a collision of the new and the old. It seems as if it has awakened from the communist period has changed into a loud and colorful city. Despite being a little chaotic sometimes, Tirana never fails to entertain you with its vibrant atmosphere. The tour starts with the famous Skanderbeg Square, the main plaza named after Albania’s national hero. The square has interesting architecture in a slight shape of a pyramid. In addition, it is composed of stones gathered from all Albanian territories. It is surrounded by some of the most important buildings as well. This brings us to three other attractions: the Clock Tower, Et’hem Bey Mosque, and the National History Museum. The Clock Tower is also the symbol of Tirana. It dates back to 1822 and has a Venetian bell and details. Inside the tower, there are 90 steps on a long spiraling staircase that take you to the top. Meanwhile, the Et’hem Bey Mosque is the only surviving mosque from the 18th-19th centuries. It is a typical object of oriental architecture with its beautiful murals. As for the National History Museum, it was set up in 1981 and is one of the most important in Albania. Inside you will find different spaces dedicated to Antiquity, Medieval times, National Renaissance, Albania’s Independence, National Anti-Fascist War, and of course, Communism.

Next up you will be visiting Pazari i Ri (New Bazaar). This part of the city has been recently reconstructed and is home to one of the biggest farmer’s markets in Tirana. Besides, Pazari i Ri is now the place to find many bars, restaurants, and different activities such as fairs. Moving on, you will come along to the Saint Paul Catholic Cathedral, one of the largest in Tirana. It belongs to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Tiranë – Durrës and it was built in 2001. Later on, you will be approaching the infamous Pyramid of Tirana. A communist showpiece right in the heart of the capital. Originally it was a museum dedicated to Enver Hoxha, the Albanian dictator at the time. Then, during the Kosovo War, it served as a temporary base for NATO. Today, it is transforming into an educational and cultural space for the Albanian youth, adding life to the capital.

A very interesting area will be visited next as you approach “Blloku”. This is probably the most famous and expensive part of Tirana nowadays. During communism, only the communist elite lived in this area. You can still find the communist leader’s former residence.

However, today it is a lively space with bars, restaurants, shops, clubs, and very popular for its nightlife. As you approach the end of the tour, you will visit the second largest plaza, The Mother
Tereza Square. It is named after the Albanian missionary and nobelist. Surrounding the Italianstyle square, you will find three important Albanian universities, the Archeological museum,
and one of the main boulevards of the city. Nearby the boulevard you will also visit the National Gallery of Arts which includes a brief history of Albanian painting starting from the 19th
century. To finish up our tour, the last attraction will be the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral. One of the largest Orthodox churches in the whole Balkan Peninsula, which officially opened in

How can you join the tour?

The tour starts at Kotoni Center where the ETA office is located. Your guide will be wearing a “Tirana Free Tour” badge and you can find them twice a day. From April to November the first tour will start every day at 10 AM and the second at 6 PM. From November to April the first tour will start at the same time and the second at 2 PM. Feel free to tip your guide.

So, we welcome you on this new initiative to offer the best of Albania. Stay tuned for

Tour details

Tour details

Kindly find as below all the details of this tour

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION  Kotoni Center, 2nd floor, Rr.Donika Kastrioti,1000, Tirana, Albania
Look for the guide with the “Tirana Free Tour” Elite Travel badge.
DEPARTURE TIME Tour starts every day, 2 times a day, 10 AM & 6 PM
CITY HIGHLIGHTS Saint Paul Catholic Cathedral
Resurrection of Christ Cathedral
Et’hem Bey Mosque
National History Museum
Pazari i Ri (New Bazaar)
Skanderbeg Square
Pyramid of Tirana
Mother Tereza Square
National Gallery of Arts
Clock Tower
RETURN TIME About 2-2.5 hours duration, 12 PM & 8 PM


Meeting point

Meeting point

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