Urban Elegance & Albanian Charms: City Tour, Wine Tasting, and Enchanting Evenings

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Saranda Walking Tou

Welcome to the Saranda Walking Tour! Join us on a 4-hour adventure starting at Saranda’s Harbor at 5:00 PM. Our friendly English-speaking guides will lead you through Saranda’s history and must-see spots.

Discover Saranda’s story, from ancient times to Byzantine, Ottoman, Italian, and Greek influences. See the unique architecture and visit key sites like the Orthodox Church of Saint Haralambos and the historic Synagogue turned museum.

Let’s experience together local art at the Saranda Art Gallery and explore the vibrant market, offering delicious treats like honey, jams, olive oil, cheeses, wines, and the albanian traditional drink raki.

Wine lovers, let’s rejoice! We’ll visit Isaku Winery, a paradise for wine enthusiasts. Then, gaze upon stunning views from the ancient Lekursi Castle, soaking in the beauty of Saranda and the Ionian Sea.

Built in the 16th century, this castle has witnessed centuries of history and stands as a symbol of the region’s cultural heritage.

The castle’s strategic location provides panoramic views of the Ionian Sea, Saranda, and the nearby islands. Visitors can explore the well-preserved walls, towers, and chambers of Lekursi Castle while immersing themselves in the stories of its medieval past.

As the day winds down, we will dive into Albanian culture at an Albanian Nights celebration. Enjoying traditional Albanian food while listening to captivating local music—a perfect end to an incredible evening.

Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Saranda’s heritage, flavors, and enchanting sights!


The tour will start at 17:00. During the tour we will be sightseeing the city and we will see the attractions as below :

  • Orthodox Church of Saint Haralambos
  • Synagogue museum
  • Saranda Art Gallery
  • Isaku Winery
  • Lekursi Castle

We will end the city tour with an Albanian night, where you will get a taste of not only the Albanian food but also it’s culture through music and atmosphere.

Tour details

Tour details

Kindly find below all the details of this tour

DEPARTURE TIME The tour starts at 17:00
Church of St. Haralambos
Museum in the Synagogue
Saranda Art Gallery

City’s Local Market
Isaku Winery
Lekurasi Castle

RETURN TIME About 4 hours duration, 21:00

Tour Map

Tour Map

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