Kruje Chronicles: Exploring the Heart of the Old Town

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To Krujë from Gjiri i Lalëzit

Visit Krujë, a historic town on a hill in Albania’s stunning landscapes. It’s special because it has a mix of history, culture, and amazing views that show what Albania is all about.

The trip to Krujë shows off Albania’s natural beauty. You’ll see hills, green landscapes, and even catch a glimpse of the Adriatic Sea from a distance.

Inside Krujë, you’ll find old walls that hold many stories about Albania’s past. Walk through the stone streets of the Old Bazaar until you reach Krujë Castle. It’s a big symbol of how Albania fought for freedom from another empire. The castle tells stories of bravery and takes you back in time.

The most important place in Krujë is the Skanderbeg Museum. It’s about Albania’s hero, Skanderbeg, and shows things that tell the story of his bravery and fight for freedom. Scanderbeg, also known as Gjergj Kastrioti, was a heroic figure in Albanian history. Born in the 15th century, he became a symbol of resistance against the Ottoman Empire’s rule.

From Krujë Castle, you’ll see an amazing view. You can look out and see the green countryside and even the far-away Adriatic Sea. It’s a really beautiful sight.

Krujë also has a special market called the Old Bazaar. There, you’ll find colorful shops selling handmade things that show off Albanian traditions. You can buy crafts, textiles, and souvenirs to remember your visit.

Krujë is a town where old stories and traditions come together. It invites everyone to discover its special charm and the history that makes Albania unique.


  • 09:00 – 10:30 Transfer to Kruje
  • 10:30 – 13:00 City Sightseeing and Ethnographic Museum of Kurje

-Kruje is a historic hilltop town in Albania, that enchants visitors with its iconic Kruje Castle which offers panoramic views of the landscape. We will explore the Old Bazaar, understanding the legacy of Albania’s national hero, Skanderbeg. We will also visit the Ethnographic Museum, featuring a diverse collection of traditional artifacts that represent the country’s cultural richness.

  • 13:00 – 14:00 Transfer to Uka Farm
  • 14:00 – 15:30 Lunch at Uka Farm

-Uka Farm is an organic agricultural and winery spot in Albania, providing a scenic experience with vineyards and farm-to-table dining featuring traditional dishes and wines made from local grapes.

  • 15:30 – 17:00 Transfer to Gjiri i Lalzit

Tour details

Tour details

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The local guide will be waiting for you with the ETG Welcome Sign
DEPARTURE TIME The tour will depart at 09:00.

Please be there 15 minutes in advance

RETURN TIME The tour will end approximately at 17:00.
English speaking guide Lunch
Transportation Museum Entrance
Personal Expenses
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Tour Map

Tour Map

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