Flavors of Albania: Authentic Local Cooking Experience

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Local Cooking Class
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Local Cooking Class in Tirana

Albanian food is a mix of delicious flavors from the Mediterranean, Balkans, and Turkish traditions. It’s a blend of fresh ingredients and unique recipes that reflect the country’s rich culture. You’ll find tasty dishes like “byrek,” a savory pastry filled with meat, cheese, or spinach, and “tave kosi,” a creamy baked lamb with yogurt. Albanian cuisine is a delightful mix of Mediterranean tastes that’ll surely satisfy any food lover’s cravings!

In our local cooking class, you’ll learn to make byrek, a crispy pie with tasty fillings like spinach or cheese.

We’ll cook gjellë, slow stews that smell amazing and taste so good. Also, try fërgesë, made with peppers and cheese, perfect with meats or for veggie lovers.

If you like meat, we’ll teach you to make qofte,  delicious grilled meatballs, and tave kosi, a baked dish with creamy sauce and lamb or veal

By the coast, you’ll learn to grill fresh fish with olive oil and herbs, a taste of Albania’s seaside.

We’ll show you dairy delights like kajmak, a creamy spread, and djathë i bardhë, a mild cheese with bread.

For dessert, you’ll make baklava, a sweet nutty pastry, and trilece, a velvety three-milk cake.

Enjoy these dishes with Albanian raki, a strong drink made from fruit.

Our local cooking class isn’t just about cooking; it’s about sharing kindness and good times. Come and taste Albania’s wonderful food with us!

Tour details

Tour details

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LOCATION Tiranë, Albania
The local class location will have a sign for you with the ETG Welcome Sign
START TIME The class will start in different time slots during the day.

Please be there 15 minutes in advance

FINISH TIME The class duration is 2 hours
Local cooking class
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Class Location

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