30.00 Hiking Excursion in Gjipe

Gjipe’s Majesty: Trailblazing Hike through this hidden paradise

Gjipe Canyon, the hidden paradise of the South

30.00 Gjirokastra and Blue Eyes

Enchanting Blues: Blue Eye Oasis & Gjirokaster “City of Stone”

Visit to the “City of Stone” and the magical Blue Eye

26.00 saranda boat tour

Seaside Serenity: Tranquil Boat Excursion from Sarande

The boat tour from Saranda Harbor promises an unforgettable voyage.

42.00 Metsovo oannina Adventure

Mountain Marvels & Lakeside Legends: Metsovo & Ioannina Adventure

An unforgettable exploration of Greece’s captivating northern treasures.

52.00 Meteora Excursion

Marvels of Meteora: Where Nature Meets the Divine

Arise on an awe-inspiring journey from Sarande Harbor to the captivating wonders of Meteora, a tour filled with cultural exploration and breathtaking landscapes.

65.00 Visit Permet

Permet Unveiled: Discovering Hidden Gems in Nature’s Embrace

Engage yourself in the lively local culture, getting a glimpse of Permet’s heart.

25.00 Saranda Free Walking Tour

Urban Elegance & Albanian Charms: City Tour, Wine Tasting, and Enchanting Evenings

Welcome to an enchanting evening in Sarande, where culture, history, and exquisite flavors converge for an unforgettable experience.

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