Terms & Conditions

Your booking is made subject to the following terms and conditions:

***(S) after the supplier name stands for “Sustainable certified supplier”: the supplier has been awarded an internationally recognized label for its commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

General Booking Conditions

1. Products and services:
1.1 Tailor made Round trips for FIT & Groups
1.2 Guaranteed Departures Round trips for FIT & Groups
1.3 Tailor made Excursions for FIT & Groups
1.4 Guaranteed Departures Excursions for FIT & Groups
1.5 Tailor made Shore Excursions for FIT & Groups
1.6 Guaranteed Departures Shore Excursions for FIT & Groups
1.7 Excluded from the below conditions are services products as follow;
– Hotel Allotment rates (hotels apply different booking policy)
– MICE products (hotels or suppliers generally apply different booking policy)
– Hotel arrangements during the High season for FIT and Groups June 15th to September 15th yearly
(hotels apply different booking policy)

2. Currency:
All our products and services are calculated in Euro.

3. Reservation/booking:
All reservations/bookings should be made in writing through Elite Travel DMC Sh.p.k HQ in Elbasan
/Albania. The rooming list should reach Elite Travel DMC Sh.p.k 30 days before the beginning of the tour. All additional bookings are on request and need to be reconfirmed.

4. Note: Due to possible overbooking in some hotels Elite Travel DMC Sh.p.k reserves the right to substitute hotels, when necessary, from those already confirmed providing similar or better accommodation category.

5. Reservation and Payment:
5.1 Reservations/bookings should be made in writing.
5.2 All services must be paid at the schedule below:
5.3 Within the written final confirmation a 25% of the full amount should be paid into our company account.
5.4 75% of the full amount should be paid into our company account in full no later than 15 days before
FIT/GROUP Arrivals.
5.5 Elite Travel DMC Sh.p.k vouchers are issued only upon receipt of full payment.
5.6 All the bank transaction fees and commissions must be paid by the partner. The full amount of the invoice should be paid in full into our company account. The finance department has the right to recharge the missing balance again to you and again the transfer costs will be covered by the partners…

6. Payment options and information:
1- Credit Card Payment Authorization
2- PayPal account
3- Bank transfer into our company account
Raiffeisen Bank
Account: 0060351727(EURO)
IBAN: AL80202310040000000060351727
Beneficiary: Elite Travel DMC Sh.p.k
Beneficiary Bank: Raiffeisen Bank (Elbasan Branch) Albania

7. Cancellation fees FIT:
7.1 all cancellations must be in writing.
7.2 For cancellations:
60 – 45 days free of charge
44 – 31 days prior to the tour: 10% of the tour rate
30 days prior to the tour: 30% of the tour rate
15 day prior to the tour: 50% of the tour rate
14 or less days and no show 100% of the tour rate

8. Cancellation fees GROUP:
8.1 All cancellations must be in writing.
8.2 For cancellations:
90 – 60 days free of charge
59 – 31 days prior to the tour: 10% of the tour rate
30 days prior to the tour: 25% of the tour rate
15 day prior to the tour: 50% of the tour rate
14 or less days and no show 100% of the tour rate
-A group member can cancel free of charge up to 30 days prior to the group arrival, less than 29 days will be charged 100%
-The name changes are permitted free of charge at any time (this is available if it’s confirmed by a written letter or email), so the partner could replace the group member and avoid his penalty fee.

9. Refund claims:
All refund claims must be submitted to ELITE TRAVEL DMC SH.P.K in writing within 15 days of the completion of the tour.

10. ELITE TRAVEL DMC SH.P.K Responsibility: The responsibility of ELITE TRAVEL DMC SH.P.K Travel is limited and we hold ourselves free of liability for loss, injury or damage to self or property from any cause whatsoever. We are not responsible for actions, events, and circumstances beyond our control. We also reserve the right not to accept or continue with a passenger who affects the enjoyment or rights of other group members.

11. Insurance: For guests’ protection, we advise travelers to purchase health and accident insurance. Please arrange adequate insurance with your insurance company.

12. ELITE TRAVEL DMC SH.P.K Liabilities:
12.1 In all cases wherein Elite Travel DMC Sh.p.k is rendering services (i.e. providing vehicles or transportation, meals, guides, tickets, etc.) it is acting solely as agent or intermediary for the owners or contractors.
Neither the Management of Elite, nor that of any of its branch offices, shall be or become liable or responsible in any way for any loss, injury, damage, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect, through the acts or defaults of any company or person engaged in covering out the arrangements of the tour, or as a direct or indirect result of acts of God, dangers incident to the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of governments or other authorities de jury or de facto, wars, whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, theft, epidemics, pilferage, quarantines, medical or customs regulations or from any causes beyond Elite Travel DMC Sh.p.k control, or from any loss or damage resulting from improper passports, visas or other documents.

12.2 Elite Travel DMC Sh.p.k can accept no responsibility for loss or additional expenses due to delay or
changes in schedule or other causes. The right is reserved to decline to accept or retain any tour passenger should such person’s health or general deportment impede the operation of the tour to the detriment of other passengers.
Furthermore, vouchers or tickets issued are subject to all laws, conditions and regulations as imposed by local authorities and governmental administration in countries visited. Under no condition will any liability in excess of that dictated by law be recognized.

13. Disables Passengers:
Any person who cannot travel independently or who needs any form of assistance must be accompanied by a companion who will be able to assist this person.

14. Smoking Restriction:
There is no smoking while on the motor coach. On escorted tours frequent sightseeing and rest stops will be made at which time there will be the opportunity to smoke.

15. Transport, Logistics, and drivers:
*Important information regarding driver’s working hours and rest periods. The program must be arranged considering these regulations. The tour leader must always discuss possible changes with Elite Travel or the driver beforehand
DRIVING TIME: a driver can drive a maximum of 9 hours in one day (driving time)
WORKING HOURS: a driver can work maximum 13 hours in one day (driving time + stand by time); this is calculated from the moment he starts the engine in the morning until he stops the engine at his hotel/garage
REST:  A driver needs at least 11 consecutive hours of rest (overnight rest); If the resting time is between 9 to 11 hours, it’s considered as “reduced daily rest period”. A driver may have at most three reduced daily rest periods between any two weekly rest periods.
After a driving period of four and a half hours a driver shall take an uninterrupted break of not less than 45 minutes (he may also divide this break in two breaks: 1st break of at least 15 minutes after 2 hours of driving, followed by 2nd break of at least 30 minutes after 2:30 hours of driving).
Due to the driver’s weekly rest, we might have to change the driver during the tour. We will inform you of any such actions in advance.

15.1 Roads information:
Roads in Western Balkan Region and Albania, especially out in the countryside, can still be in bad shape or in the process of being repaired, and new roads are continuously being built. Road signs are few and far between and sometimes misleading, and GPS devices cannot be fully trusted as the mapping information is not updated regularly. This makes driving around a bit of a challenge, but trust the local experts – your driver and guide, and they will get you to your destination safely!

You are welcome!
Elite Travel Albania Management

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