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Lakes in Albania come in all types, sizes, and locations: they are just waiting for you to enjoy them!

Albania is a country blessed with nature, where the landscapes reveal the most beautiful relief forms. Part of these forms is the lakes, which offer a wide gallery of forms, origins, aesthetic qualities, biological diversity, and tourist experiences. Here are 12 lakes in Albania that are worth visiting.

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid is one of the oldest lakes in Europe and the world. Its age is estimated between 4 and 10 million years old and is of tectonic origin. The green waters are home to over 200 endemic species and UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site. Since the beginning of time, the lake has served as a source of life, communities, and civilizations have developed around it, and today two modern states lie around it. This is the deepest lake in the Balkans. The lake offers spectacular views and in Pogradec, it has traditionally served as a beach spot. You can spend your summer vacation, go for a relaxing day, enjoy the fantastic cuisine of the area, go fishing, or go boating on the lake.

Lake of Shkodra

The largest lake in the Balkans, it is divided between Albania and Montenegro. The lake takes its name from the city of Shkodra which lies at its south-eastern end. It offers an unusual opportunity to observe 270 species of birds, almost 80% of the birds found in Albania can be found here. The lake is surrounded by high peaks, where attention is drawn to the Albanian Alps. Inside the lake is the white lily of the lake, which you must visit. Thus, you are allowed to sail with a canoe. For fishing enthusiasts, it would be a truly unique experience to fish in such a body of water. From the lake, you can also enjoy the view of the centuries-old Rozafa (Shkodram landmark castle). Don’t forget, you must try the carp casserole.

Capital of Ancient Illyria
Lake Koman

Who would have thought that the creation of an artificial aquifer would lead to the creation of a landscape like the Scandinavian fjords in the heart of Northern Albania? Koman Lake unfolds the most unique vertical landscape in the country, in a unique journey, where it feels like you can touch the peaks of the Alps. From here you can also see Jezerca. Undoubtedly, besides fishing and bathing on the shores of the lake, the most special experience is the ferry route, which leads from one side to the other.

shala river
Lakes of Lura

When you hear the name, Lura, you probably think immediately of the 12 glacial lakes of Lura, known as “Lura’s Crown Lakes”, a unique grouping of these water masses with a rare beauty that surprisingly has inspired artists from time to time, among them Ismail Kadare who writes: “No one can separate Lura from its lakes. Therefore, whoever travels to Lura, travels to its lakes…Suddenly we see the lakes, one after the other, greener than blue surrounded by mountains and pines. As always, when you are in front of beautiful things, it is difficult to describe them. Words are pale in front of the water and greenery that make up all those shades of this living beauty.” Sights that visitors urge not to be missed are the broad-leaved white lilies over the lake or the gorgeous meadows.

Lakes of Valamara

The only glacial lakes in the south of the country, these are a group of lakes that invite you to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. They are found on Valamara mountain at an altitude of 2200 meters above ground level, in the village of Shënepremte in Gramsh. These lakes are most well-known for their crystal clear and cold waters. With wonderful views, we believe that all those who like alpine nature will want to visit these lakes.

Lakes of Dumre

Dumreja stands out for its 86 karst lakes, a rare and unique case in Albania, where the lakes create some fantastic views in harmony with the surrounding nature and each other. Their beautiful view is all you need to relax.

Lake Bovilla

This is the youngest lake on this list. It is only 15 years old. Lake Bovilla was created as a result of the construction of a dam on the Tërkuza River and supplies Tirana with about 50% of its drinking water. The nature around the lake creates a panorama of stunning beauty and the terrain is excellent for rock climbing. However, you should be careful because the area is known for erosion and landslides.

Lakes of Funari

The four lakes of Funari began to be built by men in 1967. They are surrounded by the forests of Funari and create an oasis of fresh air on the outskirts of Elbasan. The peaceful environment, healthy climate, and freshness of the lakes are ideal for picnicking, but you can also fish and spend quality time with your family.

Lake Buni

Lake Buni is part of the group of glacial lakes of Jezerca. They are located on the northern side of the mountain and Buni lies at over 1794 meters of altitude. Its crystalline waters in shades of emerald green have earned it the title of the blue eye of the North.

Lake Ulëza

Lake Ulëza is part of the Ulëza Eco- Park, the only Eco- Park in the country. The lake is an important ecosystem for the preservation of biodiversity and a tourist spot, the potential of which is increasing day by day. The place is ideal for hiking, swimming, fishing, beach, or boating.

Lake Fierza

The Fierza reservoir is another good example of how a man-made construction can be turned into a point of high tourist potential. The large surface of the lake, the peaceful nature and the freshness of the area are ideal for canoeing.

Lakes of Prespa

Prespa Lakes are part of the cross-border park between Albania, North Macedonia, and Greece. The lakes are an important biodiversity conservation area and are surrounded by peaceful nature. The area offers opportunities for historical tourism, boating, and fishing.

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