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Best Hotels in Northern Albania

July 5, 2021
Hotels in Albania

Northern Albania is filled with history, culture, and breathtaking nature. It is for sure a delight to visit year-round and explore this important part of our country. So, we are presenting you with some of the best hotels in northern Albania to make your stay even more memorable.

Hotel Tradita

If you are thinking of visiting Shkodra, the capital of northern Albania, then you cannot miss the experience at Hotel Tradita. It is a place that welcomes all visitors who want to relax, learn more about Albanian culture, as well as to enjoy quality food. There you will find a warm atmosphere that will probably turn you into loyal friends of Hotel Tradita. Tradita (Albanian) means tradition (English) and they show that even in the smallest details. In addition to the traditional building and decorations, even the various dishes are prepared with authentic dishes. You cannot miss some of the most delicious specialties of the area masterfully prepared in the restaurant Tradita. The special thing is that every ingredient is an Albanian product. All this to give visitors and friends a very pleasant experience that will stay with them for a long time.

Hotel Panorama

Hotel Panorama is a 4-star luxury hotel situated in Kruja. Thanks to its location and architecture, you will find an amazing view from the balconies of the rooms. Nearby, you can easily reach important sights in Kruja within a walking distance from the hotel. In addition, you can enjoy delicious traditional food in the hotel’s restaurant where food quality is their top priority.

Accomodation in Theth National Park

For anyone that wants to not only find comfort but a warm atmosphere and hospitality as well, in Theth you will find some of the best guesthouses. Firstly, Guesthouse Berishta (Bujtina Berishta) is a traditional 2-floor house with six rooms. They offer traditional organic food options and also accompany you if you want to explore the village furthermore and find out about history and culture.  Another option is Guesthouse Miqesia (Bujtina Miqesia). It is a cozy wood building located beautifully near the Thethi River.  Next up, we have Guesthouse Polia (Bujtina Polia). A Mediterranean-style building with a terrace offering breathtaking views of the Albanian Alps. They also have a restaurant offering fresh local food. Nearby you can find some of the main sites such as Kulla e Ngujimit (Lock-in Tower) and the National Park. Lastly, there is Villa Gjecaj, an 8-room stone building where the contemporary and traditional features meet. Here you will experience the unique atmosphere of an Albanian home. In addition, you can enjoy some homemade recipes in their restaurant with the incomparable flavors of the mountains.

Accomodation in Valbona Valley

Valbona Valley is one of the most picturesque parts of the Albanian Alps. So, after hiking or even simply exploring around you might want to relax. The first option we recommend is Hotel Margjeka. Not only will you find comfortable rooms, but you can also lounge in their garden, terrace, or bar. You can as well try out some local food in their restaurant. The second option is Bujtina Valbone. This guesthouse offers 3-star accommodation and warmly welcomes its guests. It is an option for those who search for a calmer and more private stay in the mountains. Lastly, we have Hotel Fusha e Gjese. This is a typical alpine hotel that has different accommodation units. You can choose between standard rooms or wooden cabins. During your stay, you can also try some traditional dishes in their restaurant.

Accomodation in Razem

In the small, beautiful village of Razma, you will find two main hotels. The first one is Hotel Kulla e Arte. Here you will not only find comfortable rooms but also other facilities like an indoor pool, sauna, gym, and a conference room. You will also be able to enjoy some local food in their restaurant or relax with the beautiful views of their terrace bar. Depending on the season, Hotel Kulla e Arte also organizes different activities such as hiking, picnics, or rents mountain bikes.

The second hotel is Hotel Natyral Razma, a 27-room hotel in the heart of the mountains. In their restaurant you will find both international and Albanian cuisine represented through organic local produce, giving a unique taste. During winter nights you can also enjoy the warmth of the fireplace. Other facilities include an indoor pool with free childcare assistance, as well as a sauna. They also offer packages for business meetings/events and different outdoor activities.

So, whichever area of the north you want to explore we have the right option in one of the best hotels in northern Albania.

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