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Best Hotels in the South of Albania

July 7, 2021
Hotels in Albania

When thinking of South Albania most people would start to think about the riviera. However, the southern region has a lot more to offer. It is an area where culture, tradition, and hospitality blend beautifully. More specifically we have concentrated our accommodation choices in two main cities, Berat and Gjirokaster. Here are some of the best hotels in the south of Albania.

Accommodation in Berat

Starting with one of the well-known hotels in Berat, Mangalemi Hotel. It is located in the historic center of the Mangalem Quarter along the old road leading to the castle only 300 meters from the city center. It has traditional architecture with a combination of wood and stone and detailed decor. The rooms have a cozy and warm style, perfect for your comfort. As for the restaurant, it celebrates the Albanian tradition of cooking with fresh ingredients.  Something special is the locally produced wine, famous all over Albania. The restaurant offers 2 indoor spaces, 1 covered veranda, and a terrace overlooking the city.

The second hotel we want to introduce is Hotel Grand White City. It is located in the city center, near the Park and the Museum area. The hotel features a spacious rooftop terrace that overlooks the Old Town and where breakfast is served. The location is excellent to explore the city within a walking distance.

Lastly, there is Hotel Onufri. The 4-star hotel is located within a 2-minute walk from the Osum River. The rooms are spacious and have beautiful views of the surroundings. The staff is super friendly and ready to cater to all customers. As for the restaurant, it offers a la carte dishes and specializes in Mediterranean cuisine.

Accommodation in Gjirokastra

Gjirokastra is definitely one of the Albanian cities that you must visit. While being there you will be in touch with the Albanian culture and history. That is why we had to include two hotel options in this city. The first one is Hotel Kalemi 2. It is a renovated Monument House, brought to you in the form of a 3-star hotel. Every room is carefully decorated with traditional features to give you an authentic Albanian vibe.

Next, the second option is Hotel Cajupi. This hotel is a renovated building that was built back in 1964 by the communist regime as a multi-service complex. Facilities include a restaurant, bar, lounges, pastry shop, and a conference center. The restaurant, in particular, has a great reputation as it is run by some of the best chefs in the area. Dishes are prepared with fresh local ingredients and the menu includes different flavors from Ottoman cuisine to Italian and Greek cuisine.

The locations of both hotels are excellent and you can visit plenty of sights within a walking distance.

So, if you plan to visit, click here to book some of the best hotels in the south of Albania.

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