Roshnik food and drinks

Local Customs and Traditions at the Roshnik Village fest

February 4, 2022

The sleepy village of Roshnik is situated amid rolling hills, wine yards, olive groves, and fruit orchards, right at the foot of the mighty Mount Tomorr. Even though a mere 15km away from Berat, the small array of houses, farms and other buildings almost seems to exists in its own space and time, far from Albania’s busy beaches and urban centers. So if you are looking to get away from it all for a while, to relax and recharge your batteries, Roshnik Village fest is definitely the perfect choice! Well, or at least it almost always is.

Annual Fig Harvest
annual fig harvest

If you happen to visit in early September, on the day of the Roshnik Village Fest, you will actually have a quite different experience. On this day, Roshnik comes alive, with local residents and visitors from near and far celebrating the annual fig harvest: A stage is set up near the village mosque where musicians and singers begin their performances in the late afternoon. Among a wide variety of music, the audience gets to hear some of the famous Albanian is0-polyphony and many newer but nevertheless traditional folk tunes. The space in front of the stage is quickly conquered by local dance groups in their traditional dresses, soon to be joined by bystanders and audience members. Further up the road, regional farmers, artisans and some of the village residents offer dried figs and other agricultural products and handicrafts, as well as fresh food and drinks.

If you want to learn more about the annual fig harvest, you also should not miss the opportunity to go for a stroll around the village. You can see the delicious fruit still on the trees, or witness part of the processing, for which the ripe figs are spread out on large tables for drying.

Village Fest
Roshnik food and drinks

All in all, the Village Fest is taking away some of the Roshnik’s out-of-the-world atmosphere for a day, but at the same time provides a unique opportunity to experience Albania’s local customs and traditions. A visit to witness the event can also be perfectly combined with other activities in the region: Treat yourself to a delicious dinner at one of the village’s restaurants, or to a tasting at a local winery (make sure to reserve your table in advance though, as many people may have that idea); or stay the night and head for the hiking trails around Mt Tomorr the next day. Since the fest does not start but late in the afternoon, you also easily fit in a visit to Berat, the UNESCO World Heritage site nicknamed ‘City of a thousand Windows’, before heading up into the hills.

Written by: Julianne Zimmerman, intern at Elite Travel Group

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