National Parks of Albania: from the Accursed Mountains to Butrint National Park. A monumental fresco of Albanian nature.

Albanian Alps National Park (82,844.65 ha) This is the natural crown of Albania, which ranks us among the few countries in Europe with the Alps. The Albanides are the last continuation of the Dinaric Alps and their culmination, since here lies their highest peak, the majestic Jezerca (2,694 m). The park has united the natural [...]
elbasan summer day

Summer Day in Albania

Despite Albania’s mostly Mediterranean climate, winters here can be long, dark and cold. It is therefore hardly surprising that the most popular traditional holiday in the country, Dita e Verës or Summer Day, is celebrated with the purpose of driving out winter and welcoming the arrival of spring. If you want to know more about [...]

Discovering Albania in Winter: Carnivals

Summer is the main tourist season in Albania. Soaring temperatures draw locals as well as visitors to the idyllic beaches and impressive mountainous areas where they, no doubt, have the time of their lives. If, however, you are not a friend of the heat or prefer to escape the masses, you should consider Discovering Albania [...]

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