top 10 adventure activities in albania

Top 10 Adventure Activities in Albania

September 5, 2021

Mountains, rivers, sea, lakes – Albania is blessed with natural beauty and luckily some of it is still untouched. So, you know what awaits you: the perfect combination of adventure and outdoor activities for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush. That is why we are presenting you with the top 10 adventure activities in Albania.


In Albania, you will find plenty of mountains and forests with amazing hiking trails. As you may have heard, the Albanian Alps in the north are the main destination where you can explore different paths and enjoy breathtaking views from the mountain peaks. The most popular trail is the one from Theth to Valbona. However, there are some great options in other regions of Albania as well. You could also explore the mountains in the south, such as mount Çika for example. Or, you could even hike to reach hidden beaches such as Gjipe. For hiking, the possibilities in Albania are endless and totally worth it.

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a relatively new sport in Albania. However, enthusiasts of this activity will have a blast, especially with the rock formations in the Albanian Riviera. As a bonus, you get to enjoy the mesmerizing landscape of the sea. Another popular destination for this type of activity is also Bovilla Lake, only 25km away from the capital.


Another activity that you can do everywhere in Albania is cycling. You can cycle through cities, rural areas, national parks, forests, the coastline, and even mountain biking. You can either pick one or combine all experiences into one tour. Whatever you get to try, it will be an unforgettable experience.

4x4 cars

A perfect destination if you enjoy off-road driving by 4×4 vehicles. There are endless options of rough terrain paths to explore with magnificent views. You can pick your level of difficulty and discover the Albanian mountains, rivers, and fields in a completely off-track way.


Camping could not be left out of this list as Albania has some of the most beautiful spots for camping enthusiasts. It has become a very popular activity throughout the country, and the number of campsites has increased. You can choose between options in the mountains or the beach. A great pick is combining hiking and camping in Gjipe beach.

skiing albania

Despite the potential, skiing is still a new adventure option in Albania. However, you can enjoy this sport in the Bigëll – Dardhë ski resort. It features a 1.3 km slope and is the most popular ski resort in Albania. Other options include Shishtavec, Voskopoja, Puka, Dajti. Nonetheless, infrastructure still has to improve in these locations for this sport.

paragliding albania

Paragliding is one of the adventure activities that has seen a boost in Albania. Depending on the season you can choose between Llogara (Vlora) and Shashica (Vlora) to enjoy the views of the sea, or Dajti (Tirana) and Morava (Korca) for mountainous views.

kayaking albania

Kayaking is an amazing way to explore the Albanian sea and lakes. Most importantly, you will be able to get to beaches, bays, and caves that cannot be reached by land. You can practice this sport anywhere throughout the coastline and nearby lakes, either individually or with a professional guide.

Scuba Diving
scuba diving albania

For all the admirers of the underwater world, scuba diving is a perfect adventure. You can rent the equipment and start exploring the Albanian seabed. Considering the numerous caves and shipwrecks, the experience will certainly be unforgettable.


If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, rafting in the Albanian rivers is the right choice. There are three main rivers that you can choose from. The first one is Vjosa in Permet and is considered Europe’s last wild river. The second one is Osum in Skrapar where you will be fascinated by the canyon dating back 3 million years ago. Lastly, you can choose Black Drin in Dibra with a beautiful surrounding landscape and a great choice for beginners as it has a wide riverbed.

So, if you were looking for one more reason to visit, you should definitely consider these top 10 adventure activities in Albania.

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