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Top 10 Beaches in Albania

August 19, 2021
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Albania is a country in the Western Balkans, and it is naturally blessed with its access to the sea. So, beach holidays are the most popular in our country. Although there are plenty of beaches to choose from along the coastline, we have picked the top 10 beaches in Albania. 

1. Dhërmi
dhermi, albania

Dhërmi is probably the most famous Albanian beach due to its crystal clear seaside. During summer, it is very lively, and you can find some of the best hotels, restaurants, and beach bars in Albania. But if you would like to have a calmer vacation, probably it is best to not visit during the peak season, especially in August.

2. Drymades
drymades, albania

Right next to Dhërmi, you will find Drymades beach. A stunning bay with turquoise blue water and one of the best beaches that Albania has to offer. Just like in Dhërmi, there is a great selection of accommodation options, as well as delicious cuisine. During the evening, do not skip the beautiful fiery sunsets while lounging at the beach.

3. Gjipe
Hiking Excursion Gjipe

For the more adventurous and outgoing, one of the best beaches to visit is Gjipe. Hidden among the mountains, you will find this untouched, beautiful bay. There are two ways to get to Gjipe beach. The first one is by hiking from the main road for at least half an hour. The perfect choice for those seeking an active vacation, and the natural beauty makes it all worth it. Another way to get there is by taking a speedboat from the other more popular beaches in the riviera. In addition, Gjipe has also become a great camping destination where visitors stay for one or two nights.

5. Himara
Himara town

Himara is actually a town, but it has a wonderful beach as well. So, it is a good choice for those who want to alternate between beach holidays and cultural holidays. The town consists of the Old Himara situated on top of the Barbaka hill and the new Himara built on the gulf of Spile. It is one of the most frequented spots by Albanians and is very lively during the peak season. Meanwhile, June and September are perfect for those who would like to enjoy Himara’s charm during a calmer season.

4. Jala Beach
jala, jale, albania

Only 13 km away from Himara, you will find one of the prettiest beaches in the country. Jala beach is a picture-perfect destination where you can enjoy different fun activities too. While staying at the beach, you can choose between kayaking, snorkeling, or renting a boat. Meanwhile, for accommodation, you can choose between luxury resorts or the nearby campsite.

6. Llaman
llaman, albania

You will find Llaman beach nestled between the mountains, only 4 kilometers away from Himara. The beach is very small and there are no accommodation options, so it is a good idea to book your stay in Himara. However, Llaman beach is totally worth a visit. It is packed with fun activities for all ages like kayaking, boating, jet-skiing, and other options. It also features beach bars and restaurants with delicious Mediterranean cuisine and amazing views.

7. Livadhi Beach
livadhi, albania

Livadhi is another beach very close to Himara. It has a white stone shoreline and stunning mountainous scenery. This is a great family-friendly option, and similar to Llaman, you can find different engaging activities. As for accommodation, here you will find both luxury options and camping as well.

8. Porto Palermo
porto palermo, albania

Located between the villages of Himara and Qeparo, you will find Porto Palermo. It is a beautiful and unspoiled bay, mostly known for Ali Pasha’s Castle, but also a great place to relax in the crystal clear waters. For those seeking to steer away from the crowds, this is the perfect beach. There is not much around besides the beautiful nature and the historic castle. During communism, Porto Palermo used to be a military base with submarines. One of the submarines is still in the tunnel nearby.

9. Ksamil
ksamil, albania

Ksamil is increasingly becoming famous not only in Albania but in Europe as well. That is due to its spectacular views combining white sand and blue waters decorated with three small islands. Two of the islands you can easily reach by swimming, and for the other one, you can rent a small boat or kayak. It is a great option for families, and you can also find accommodation nearby. However, it tends to get overcrowded during peak season.

borsh, albania

The last beach on our top 10 beaches in Albania list is Borsh. Borsh is the longest coastline in Albania, spanning 7 km with beautiful views of the Ionian sea. It offers a peaceful ambiance, perfect for a relaxing retreat. There are several accommodation options as well as restaurants, bringing deliciousness to your plate.

So, you can either pick one or visit all of the top 10 beaches in Albania. Anyone will find something to love in our country’s coastline.
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