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Blue Eye: the Wonder of Nature in Albania

Whoever has visited Albania knows that the nature in our country is a treasure. We have astonishing sights from North to South and from East to the West. One of these wonders of nature is a small place, down south, maybe the most breathtaking one, the Blue Eye. It is located around 30-minutes away from the city of Saranda by car. At first, it gives the impression of a small exotic paradise due to the rich flora surrounding the crystal clear water.

But What is the Blue Eye?

The Blue Eye in Albania is a natural pool created from the freshwater spring flowing from Mali i Gjerë (Wide Mountain). Nobody knows the exact depth of this pool because many divers have tried to reach the bottom and failed. Due to this depth, the middle is in the shade of a dark blue and it creates the illusion of “the pupil”. Then, surrounding this area, you can see light blue and green shades creating “the iris”. And lastly, the plants around the pool create “the eyelashes”. A real marvel!
If you are wondering whether you can swim in this pool, the answer is yes. However, make sure to be prepared for the cold water. It does not reach a temperature higher than 10 degrees celsius. During the summer, in Albania, it is a very popular challenge to dive straight into the middle of the “eye” and face the cold.

The Creation of Blue Eye in Albania

Whenever seeing this magical place there is a big question around the creation of it. Based on the local legend, a storm arrived in Saranda and a giant snake came out of the water. The snake crawled towards Delvina and Sopot Mountain, eating goat, sheep, and people. To make the snake stop, an old man took his donkey to the place where the snake was hiding. He covered the donkey’s back with straw and set it on fire. Next, the snake ate the donkey that it burned inside his body. Then, the snake crossed the mountain and his big eye fell in the place where the Blue Eyein Albania is today.
Despite the legend, in fact, the water of the Blue Eye in Albania originates from a cave. The dark center of the cave creates the deep blue color of the eye. The spring pumps water from the cave at high pressure, creating this wonder of the Albanian nature. Come witness it yourself!

Written by: Greis Cabej, Content Writer at Elite Travel Group

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