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The Legend of Berat: Two Mountains and a River

If you have read thus far our Albanian Legends section, you already know what they have in common. Sacrifice is the main thing of these tales, whether for a person or a principle. The legend of Berat makes no exception. However, this legend is not about a castle or a monument. It is about the beautiful surrounding nature of Berat, Albania.

The Legend of Berat

The main characters of the legend of Berat are two brothers named Tomorr and Shpirag, who were inseparable. 

One day, Tomorr met a pretty fairy named Osum and fell deeply in love with her. Next, the same thing happened to Shpirag. On the other hand, Osum loved both of them, so she continued meeting them secretly, without them knowing about one another. Sooner or later, Tomorr found out about everything and tried to convince Shpirag to stop seeing Osum. Nevertheless, furious Shpirag refused. That is when the fight started. Tomorr cut his brother to pieces with his sword, while Shpirag kept throwing stones at him. Thus, they both died. When Osum heard about the tragedy and the death of the two brothers, she started crying endlessly. The legend says that the two brothers turned into mountains, and the tears of Osum created the Osum river, situated between them.
So, if you decide to visit Berat in Albania, you will see that the surface of Mount Tomorr is full of holes, and Mount Shpirag is full of craters.

Legend of Berat
A visit to Berat, Albania

The city of Berat in Albania was built over the Osum river, around 2400 years ago. So, you can have spectacular views of both mountains. The dramatic Mount Tomorr has an impressive height of 2416 meters above sea level. It is not only an important piece of Albanian folklore but also a place for outdoor adventurers and spiritual pilgrims. Shpirag, on the other hand, offers great hiking experiences, amazing distant views of Berat, and a glimpse of the rural Albanian life. Meanwhile, Osum river flows through the breathtaking Osum Canyon, offering a thrilling rafting experience.

As for the city itself, Berat is a testimony of Albanian history, culture, and architecture. Therefore, in 2005 it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. When visiting Berat, you will witness how the western and eastern cultures beautifully emerge in one small city. Find out yourself!

Written by: Greis Cabej, Content Writer at Elite Travel Group

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