National Parks of Albania: from the Accursed Mountains to Butrint National Park. A monumental fresco of Albanian nature.

Albanian Alps National Park (82,844.65 ha) This is the natural crown of Albania, which ranks us among the few countries in Europe with the Alps. The Albanides are the last continuation of the Dinaric Alps and their culmination, since here lies their highest peak, the majestic Jezerca (2,694 m). The park has united the natural [...]
transport options in Albania

Your Guide to Transport Options in Albania

If you are planning to visit Albania you are probably wondering how you will get around- and searching online probably will not help you. So, here is a guide for transport options in Albania. Not the greatest public transport Your first consideration whenever traveling to a new country might be public transport. However, it should [...]
top 10 beaches in Albania, beach, albania, dhërmi, drymades, gjipe, ksamil, himara, llaman, livadhi, porto palermo, jala beach, borsh, hiking, camping, kayaking

Top 10 Beaches in Albania

Albania is a country in the Western Balkans, and it is naturally blessed with its access to the sea. So, beach holidays are the most popular in our country. Although there are plenty of beaches to choose from along the coastline, we have picked the top 10 beaches in Albania.  1. Dhërmi Dhërmi is probably [...]
unesco sites in albania, butrint, berat, gjirokastra, ohrid, durres, apollonia, natural heritage, cultural heritage

UNESCO Sites in Albania and Where to Find Them

Although Albania is a small country, it is home to many significant tourist sights. They have been recognized as an important part of the cultural and natural heritage even by UNESCO. Here is a list of UNESCO sites in Albania and where to find them. Butrint Butrint is one of the most important archaeological sites [...]
sustainability policy in Albania,sustainability policy, supplier code of conduct, sustainability certification process, green team, travelife, sustainability management, sustainable development

Our Sustainability Policy in Albania

As an important company in the Albanian business scene, we have been committed to having a solid sustainability policy. In addition, we have engaged in the sustainability certification process. In this way, not only do we learn and improve as a business but also promote good a sustainability policy in Albania. Through our actions, we [...]
workation in albania and the balkans

Workation in Albania and the Balkans

Ever since the start of the pandemic, most jobs have turned into home offices. Now, although the world seems to be taking steps to turn back to normality, many jobs will not be the same for some time, or maybe they have changed forever. Since returning to office seems distant, a new travel trend has [...]
green list countries

Albania Gets into the Green List Countries

Right in time for the high tourist season, Europe introduced a traffic light system that categorizes countries based on their level of safety. The green list countries are the destinations that have no risk of infection. This categorization is expected to ease international travel this year and finally make it legal again. For a while [...]

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