transport options in Albania

Your Guide to Transport Options in Albania

September 28, 2021
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If you are planning to visit Albania you are probably wondering how you will get around- and searching online probably will not help you. So, here is a guide for transport options in Albania.

Not the greatest public transport

Your first consideration whenever traveling to a new country might be public transport. However, it should be stated that getting to understand public transport in Albania is a real challenge. Unfortunately, although there are bus lines and minibus lines, overall, they are not very well organized. You will struggle to find any timetables and even if you do, they are not always punctual. In addition, it will take you a while to figure out the stations as they are not explicitly mentioned anywhere, usually, you have to ask. This lack of consistency makes buses not the best option for travelers.

As for railways and trains, probably you will notice traces of them in certain areas. However, they have not been functional for more than 10 years, so check that option off your list.

Private transfers are your best friend in Albania

So, since public transport is not the ideal choice, private transfers are your best option. A reliable private transfer service can reduce transport stress and make your trip more enjoyable. You can make your bookings in advance and avoid confusion to figure out transport in another country. Also, you will not be dependent on timetables and schedules which will save you a lot of time during your trip. Instead, a private transfer is at your disposal and much more comfortable. Something that should be emphasized is that in Albania you will not find any direct lines from the airport to your destination, which is annoying, especially with baggage. Therefore, private transfers are the most convenient and reliable transport option.

Go beyond Albania with ferries and boats

Albania is a coastal country. Therefore, it is a good idea to go across the border with ferries and boats. There are ferry lines connecting Durres with Bari, Trieste, and Ancona in Italy. Also, there is the Saranda-Corfu line which is the best in Albania as it is very reliable and modern. Now you can book online your ferry rides with us.

So, here you have the guide to transport options in Albania. Pick yours and get ready to travel!

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