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All about Mish (Meat)

March 11, 2020
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Albanian cuisine is famous for its meat dishes. There are several stews called “Tave” with different kinds of meat. From goat to lamb to chicken – it is a paradise for meat lovers. The best thing is that most of the meat is from local farmers, who keep their animals or cattle mostly free ranged, and can consume just the fresh grass up in the mountains. Therefore you can find several meat dishes through the regions which differ in preparation and used products.

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During the travel through Albania, we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of different typical meat dishes. Among other things, we were invited to local’s homes to watch and help them to prepare the meal. Afterward, we sat all together at their tables and had a delicious dinner. We learned a lot about their culinary traditions. Also, we learned some facts about animal husbandry and meat production in Albania. Most of the meat comes from farmers around the respective region and is from free-range animals. Not only private households, but also gastronomic companies get their meat from the local farms.

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All About Tavë Kosi

Since we stayed in Elbasan the stew we liked the most was Tavë Kosi, which is typical for the region. We were invited to a family’s house and the woman prepared this super delicious stew for us. Not only for us, but Tavë Kosi is called one of the most beloved dishes in Albania. It’s baked with lamb in pottery with eggs and yogurt. The result is a quiche-like dish, with tender meat and a light, creamy egg topping.

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All About Pershesh

Another dish from the region of Elbasan is Pershesh. This meal is cooked with turkey, bread, and walnuts. It’s not a dish that tourists can find easily in restaurants. It’s more or less the recipe from grandmothers, and it’s mostly cooked at homes.

All About Qofte

Another popular meat dish is Qofte. You can get these grilled meatballs almost everywhere in Albania. The locals eat Qofte at all times of the day from breakfast to dinner. In general, the meatballs are seasoned with different kinds of spices and mint. Like every dish in Albania, Qofte differs in preparation and taste as well. For me, the kernacka, a typical meatball for Korça is one of the most delicious. It’s typically served with raw onion and salad. All in all, I can tell that Albania has a very intense meat culture. Meat has been a staple food for the Albanians for decades. In addition to the usual pieces of meat from an animal, they also use the offal and swear that these dishes strengthen health.

Photo5  Qofte the typical Albanian meatballs

Want to stay healthy?! Or get some more insights of the Albanian cusine? Well, stay tuned…

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