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Summer Day in Albania

Despite Albania’s mostly Mediterranean climate, winters here can be long, dark and cold. It is therefore hardly surprising that the most popular traditional holiday in the country, Dita e Verës or Summer Day, is celebrated with the purpose of driving out winter and welcoming the arrival of spring. If you want to know more about [...]
the ultimate food guide in albania

The Ultimate Food Guide in Albania

Food destinations are a whole category in itself when it comes to travel. Despite being a country with impeccable gastronomy, Albania has yet to reach the attention of a bigger audience as a food destination. However, it won't be long until it becomes a famous foodie heaven in the Mediterranean. With an old tradition and [...]
culinani tourism, Albania

Specialties from North to South

Albania is still not fully discovered by international tourists. Besides the high season between July and September, which mainly takes part in the Albanian coast, the country is not overcrowded yet. Even though the Albanians maintained their culinary tradition over the last decades, the country is not popular for their food, or for being a [...]
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All about Mish (Meat)

Albanian cuisine is famous for its meat dishes. There are several stews called "Tave" with different kinds of meat. From goat to lamb to chicken - it is a paradise for meat lovers. The best thing is that most of the meat is from local farmers, who keep their animals or cattle mostly free ranged, [...]
vineyard scaled

Albania: A Wine Lover’s Paradise

Europe is well-known for its exquisite vineyards and is every wine lover’s dream. Almost every country in the continent produces its wine and exports it globally. Our small Albania is no exception and is one of the most underrated regions when it comes to winemaking. Given the fabulous climate and geographical position, Albania is not [...]

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